Bodybuilding Motivation To Get To the Next Level

Bodybuilding Motivation To Get To the Next Level
how to build muscle fast

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bodybuilding motivation

To continue seeing  progress with your muscle building you’ll have to add more layers of difficulty from time to time. Unless you push yourself harder you’ll hit a plateau. Fortunately there are some terrific ways to push the envelope and forge ahead. Here they are:

How to Build Body Mass

Change your exercises: For example, swap your regular bench press for another type such as a close grip bench press or a back squat in place of your usual front squat.

Bodybuilding Motivation. How to build muscle fast -Try a new movement: Do an exercise you’ve never done before to really test your muscles to go to the next level.

More Bodybuilding Motivation -How to gain muscle -Shorten the breaks between movements: In this way you’ll force your muscles to work just that much harder. Be sure you observe proper exercise and stretching rules to prevent injury.

Increase the reps: The more reps you do the more you work the muscles (obviously…). But the quality of the rep is more important than how many you do. Go for the burn, When you think you can’t go on – Do 10 more! Break your mind/body barrier!

Superset: What is a ‘Superset’? It involves cycling through two exercises back to back without a break in between. This REALLY boosts your metabolism, strength and endurance! If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

Drop set: Drop set is where you execute the exercise with your standard weight for the first set. Second set, you drop the weight by 5 pounds. Next drop the weight again and do the set.

Exercise ball: Yes. Really! Not only for yoga! An exercise ball added to some exercise such as shoulder press, bicep curl or lateral raise will really amp up the difficulty and give you better results!

how to gain muscle

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Up the weight: This is the simplest way to getting your strength to the next level. Add small amounts, for example 250grams or 500grams

Do you use barbells? Try swapping them for dumbbells or vice versa. You could also try cables. You just have to keep your body guessing. This is the secret to getting the most from your workout!

Have you heard of kettleballs? This new / old body building craze originated in Russia.

Place the kettlebell on the ground between both legs and begin to squat while keeping the core engaged, and grip the kettlebell handle with one hand. Then,using force from the hips, push through the heels to rise to standing, pulling the kettlebell upwards while the elbow drives up. Lower back down and switch arms.

Fast and effective. Give it a go!


how to build muscle mass

DO NOT add all these techniques at once! This will place far too much stress on your body and work AGAINST muscle building. Adding just one or two of them periodically but on an ongoing basis will give you the very best results.