How To Gain Weight For ‘Hard Gainers’? – Try This!

How To Gain Weight For ‘Hard Gainers’? – Try This!

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The scientific name for naturally thin people is ‘ectomorph’. Ectomorphs generally have a very slow metabolic rate that makes it seem as though they can never gain muscle.

While it may be more difficult, it’s certainly possible to gain more muscle by making a few changes, staying focused and making sure you’re eating and working out as you should. Patience will yield results.

Here are some things you need to know if you’re naturally thin:


You don’t need to spend more time at the gym to gain weight. Most naturally thin people think that working out for longer is the key to building muscle. But this is not the case. Working out for longer will just burn even more calories and place more stress on their bodies.

The BEST workout for an Ectomorph to gain weight . No working out upper body only and another time lower body. A full body work out 3 times a week is best.

 How to gain weight? Work Out Using compound movements only. Compound movements, such as deadlifts, use many muscle groups at once making them the ideal exercises for thin people. This is because it’s best to limit how much total work you do. Yes, you will not gain by doing MORE.

Don’t get hung up on body building supplements simply eat foods that make you gain weight. These include  foods are packed with calories but without the volume. For example, pasta, oils, steak, nuts, seeds. Protein shakes could also be drunk through the day to up calorie intake – just don’t drink them at the expense of natural calorie dense foods. It’s a common misconception that protein STIMULATES muscle growth – it doesn’t!

So what does protein do for the body? Weight lifting and exercise stimulates muscle growth by breaking down muscle fibre (think of the after burn of a good workout – the pain. This is muscle fibre being broken) Now your body will “ask” for tiny amounts of protein to make new muscle fibre.

The operative word is “tiny” amounts of protein. Most body builders, even the most ardent, consume far more protein than their body needs.

What about weight gain supplements? You could try testosterone supplements to gain muscle. Many thin people have had great results.

Try to keep stress levels down. Stress puts the body into a state where it’s conducive to breaking down muscle tissue. This is the last thing you want! Get your 8 hour sleep. While you sleep your body goes into recovery mode.

Lower your daily activity. Do you walk around and fidget all day long? This burns a lot of calories. Try to make some changes.

Limit your cardiovascular activity. Cardio will not help you build more lean muscle mass. Think of long distance runners and how thin they are.

Don’t get stuck in a rut trying to gain weight. Try to vary your muscle building routine as this will keep your body guessing and in a responsive mode.

Are you neglecting any of the above? If so, this could be the reason you’re not seeing the body changes you want. Yes it can be hard to stay motivated when progress is slow but be committed, make a few changes and see the results!