Why Should You Use Whey Protein?

Why Should You Use Whey Protein?

Why Use Whey Protein?

Whey protein is not just for men who want to get big and bulky. It’s good for all active people who want to improve lean muscle mass.

Protein, in fact, is for EVERYONE. It’s one of the very most important nutrients for those wanting to lose weight and tone up. Too little will definitely hold you back from seeing the results you want.

Let’s have a quick peek into why you should be using protein powder on a regular basis so that you can see just how beneficial it really is.

The Details:

  • They’re fast. With a protein powder, all you do is mix and go so this makes for an ultra-easy way to get protein into your day.
  • They’re lean. Whey isolate protein powders are almost 100% pure protein so it’s an easy way to get your lean protein in and prevent unwanted fat gain on a muscle-building diet plan.
  • They contain different formulas. Whey protein powders digest very rapidly and are great around the workout period, but others, like casein, digest more slowly and are better for using before bed.
  • They come in many different flavors. Regardless of what your taste preference is, you should be able to find one that you enjoy. Also look for unflavored whey, which is easy to add to almost any meal.
  • They’re great for vegetarians. There are egg or soy protein powders that you can buy, so even if you don’t consume dairy, you can still make use of these.
  • They last a long time. Most protein powders will last up to a year so you can easily keep them in the cupboard as a fast protein source.
  • They can be used in baking. You can easily add protein powder into many of the baking recipes you create such as muffins, cakes and cookies, making it easier to meet your protein needs while satisfying your cravings. Replace half the flour with protein powder.
  • Adding protein to a traditional fruit smoothie will provide a fantastic nutrient balance.
  • They satisfy cravings for chocolate. Want chocolate? There are hundreds of chocolate protein powders out on the market. Just watch out for artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  • They contain added ingredients for recovery. Some post-workout protein powders also include glutamine or creatine to boost your results.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t overlook this simple source of protein any longer. There are so many varieties to choose from that you should have no problem selecting a protein powder that’s going to be right for you.

Remember when shopping for a protein powder to try and find one that is as low in f